Energy Efficient Windows in Sarasota FL

Energy Efficient Windows in Sarasota FL

29 September 2015

Energy-Efficient-Windows-in-Sarasota-FLThere are many options when choosing new windows and doors. From insulated low-E coatings to vinyl frames, Universal Window Solutions can help you make the right decisions. Energy Efficient Windows in Sarasota FL

Aluminum-framed windows are strong, resistant to the harsh Florida climate and cost effective, but they are the least energy efficient as they conduct heat from outside to inside.

Aluminum frames with insulated glass with a low-E coating will typically add about 30 percent to the cost of the window and typically be 30 percent more energy efficient.

Vinyl or vinyl clad over wood frames with insulated low-E glass are significantly more energy efficient than aluminum, and most homeowners agree the window profiles are far more attractive.

We recommend that homeowners visit our showroom with full-size displays and knowledgeable sales consultants.

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